DC19 Prowling cat

H16 W15 L35 9kg

DC21 Small Lying Spaniel

H14 W26 L26 3kg

DC23 Sleeping Labrador

H12 W23 L39 8kg

DC24 Sleeping Terrier

H10 W18 L28 5kg

DC26 Small Terrier

H25 W12 L25 5kg

DC27 Small Terrier with Bone

H25 W13 L18 5kg

DC28 Pair Standing Cats

H50 W20 L18 17kg Each

DC29 Tail Up Cat

H28 W15 L35 10kg

DC30 Sleeping Cat

H10 W25 L30 7kg

DC32 Small King Charles

H15 W16 L23 4kg

DC35 Large Alsation

H65 W34 L42 45kg

DC36 Sitting Greyhound

H83 W27 L30 45kg

DC37 Welcome Dogs

H29 W27 L32 15kg

DC40 Dog In Shoe

H20 W9 L20 4kg

DC41 Cat In Shoe

H20 W9 L20 4kg

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